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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Flowers & Décors for Wedding Receptions and Gala Dinners

Select flowers for your Wedding Reception or Gala Dinner that are in season. This will keep costs down and you will know that flowers will be freshest they can be on the day.
For Wedding Receptions, unless flowers are your wedding theme, then use the flowers to complement your wedding rather than overpower it. Stick to subtle colours that complement what your are wearing and avoid floral arrangements of many colours and many differends kinds of flowers. Check that your flowers will withstand the climate on your wedding day: if your flowers look fresh you will too.
Checlist for your Wedding Reception flowers :
- Reception Entrance- Bridal Table- Guest Tables- Receiving Line Area- Stairways and transitional spaces (such as foyers or any areas guests may wonder such as from pre reception drinks to the dining room)- Guest sign table- Gift table- Wedding cake - Wedding cake table- Restroom/powder room arrangements- Flowers for garnishes on serving trays.

If you are holding a post wedding brunch, hang onto some of the flower arrangements to use at the venue of the post party, it will be a great way to tie the two events together.

If you are planning on taking the wedding ceremony flowers to reuse at the wedding reception, always check the the church or place of worship will allow you to do so.

Some Vintage Style decoration ideas :

Antique & Soft-Acqua : Blowsy blooms in antique shades against a soft-acqua backdrop for an elegant and timeless reception look.
High Drama : Elegant tall candelabras decorated with a profusion of flowers, which are tall enough to ensure guests can see each other accross the table.
Burning Love : Pillar candles in vintage glass bowls filled with flowers for a simple and stylish table decoration
Sitting Pretty : Give chair backs a decadent dressing with oversized bows and large rose pomanders
Vintage Trend : For a quirky, vintage look at your reception: birdcages aged with gold paint filled with fresh flowers.
If you would like for tips and advice, please contact our Wedding Planners at :

Flowers & Décor for Wedding Ceremonies

Where you place flower arrangements and what flowers you use will vary depending on your beliefs and what kind of wedding ceremony you will have as well as the location chosen, for example in a church, synagogue, a garden or on the beach.

If you marry in a place of worship, always consult with the persona responsabile for enforcing the rules as to how and where you can decorate. Some places of worship are quite strict about where and how their church or synagogue is decorated

- Aisle dressing flowers- Ceremony entrance i.e. Church or Synagogue entrance- Pew ends- Altar flowers - Bimah flowers- Chuppah flowers- Lectern flowers- Window sills- Register Signing Table flowers

For the Church or Synagogue:
Flowers and decorations are an answer that will compliment any church or synagoge and add light, romance and happiness to even the most forebofing. Some ideas to consider when visiting the church or place or worship of your wedding ceremony :

- On a visit to your church/synangogue, take a look around for inetresting places to add floral decorations.
- Set a sense of romance with a welcoming floral display at the churches front door. Ornate doors with floral hearts or archway swags can look gorgeous and so romantic !
- If your church is a large space with ornate high ceilings then go for dramatic, lage headed blooms along the aisle and on the altar. Small , petite flowers will simply get lost in such as massive space.

If you are planning a wedding in Italy and would like to recieve more advice and tips for your wedding flower arrangements, contact our wedding planners at:

Bouquets & Boutonnieres - Tips & Advice

Fresh is best! If you want to be surrrounded by your favourite flower on your wedding day, make sure your flower of choice is in season. Out if season flowers can really blow the wedding budget and may not stand the test of time or climate on the day. Co-ordinating your gorgeous bouquets with the wedding attire is quite easy. We will wrap the stems of the wedding bouquets in matching fabrics your your wedding dress and bridemaids dresses.

Bouquet jewels can add that "extra sparkle" that will catch everyone's eye mand make the bouquet more special. You may also use these in bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces and corsages.

Classic: For those who like a classic, femmine style, flowers such as roses, sweet pea, fresiasa and lilie can be used to add a soft and pretty touch look to the wedding
Modern: You can also choose something a little more modern as adding ineteresting textures and shapes or a striking colour combination. This might include orcgids, succulents or berries and colours as deep mauves, oranges and blues.
Unique: To make a statement you could opt for a unique arrangement of exotic flowers, tropical leaves, fruits, sticks and other adorments... this will certainly serve to make sure you have a unique style!

When using colour with wedding flowers, the possibilities are endless. Today a rose can virtually be any colour you wish, from black to purple to green and with access to some many new hybrids of flowers... a bridal bouquet could be anything you want it to be.

Here is a helpful checklist for you :
- Bride's Bouquet- Brides throw away bouquet- Bride's floral headdress- Bridesmaids bouquets- Bridemaids floral headdresses- Flowergirls bouquet or basket of petals- Flowergirl floral headdress- Wrist corsages- Corsages : mothers, step mothers, grandmothers, godmothers and any other woman you wish to honour on your wedding day- Groom's Buttonhole- Groomsmen's buttonholes- Pageboys and ring bearers buttonholes- Ushers buttonholes- Buttunholes : fathers, step fathers, grandfathers and any other man you wish to honour on your wedding day.
For more tips and advice, contact our wedding planner at:

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