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Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Winery Wedding in the Castelli Romani District with beautiful views over the vines, hills and ROME !

The perfect setting for the wedding of your dreams in Italy – unique, romantic, unforgettable, sweeping views, not only for the two of you but for the family and friends gathered to celebrate with you this special day in the Castelli Romani District near Rome. The professional and experienced staff will ensure you and Guests experience the ultimate local food and wine that is everything you imagined for your special day in Italy.
No rental fee is requested to host your wedding and wedding menus include local white and red wines. Celebrate in the heart of the Castelli Romani District just 20 minutes from Rome, with fine wines and stunning views in a relaxed atmosphere between the vines and wine cellars.
Just imagine enjoying local wine and food watching the glorious sun setting over the vineyards and ROME ! For quotations and more details contact us at

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Rain On Your Wedding Day? - Look At The Positives

It's only the day you've been planning since you first discovered the romance of the prince and princess living happily ever after in wedding bliss.
Everything is confirmed and maybe even paid for but there is no magical wand to wave when the clouds accumulate the day of your wedding . Maybe it's an omen?
Hang on ... no need to get it all out of proportion! There are some positives to come out of this even though you may not be aware of it. A rainy wedding day could turn into the most romantic day of your life. Just read on and find out why.
Why The Romance?
Have you ever lain in bed at night with your loved one and heard the rain pelting down on your roof ... or fall against the window softly in the morning? Rain invokes feelings of intimacy and enchantment. Imagine your forthcoming wedding night and think of the metaphorical possibilities that rain could symbolize. Rain can be romantic and inspiring. Take the opportunity to view the rain as being like the prelude to a new beginning. Your marriage is a new beginning, therefore it is nature’s way of helping you start your marriage with a clean new world.

Photographs: rainy weather produces the right kind of atmosphere for beautiful photos to take place. It creates a soft and misty lighting and shimmering surfaces that create romantic and captivating props to assist the visual memories that will last forever. Soft misty lighting can produce an ethereal glow, rain drops on car windows and beading water on cars, gates, fences and the like can be used to produce photographs that are completely stunning. In fact your photographer will love the opportunity to show off their creativity and flair when they have a misty rainy day to photograph. Brightly coloured umbrellas, bridesmaids tip-toeing through puddles, your new husband cuddled into a picnic blanket with you are just some of the many rainy day shots that you can adapt to your already carefully laid photographic plans. Remember to ask your photographer about black and white photography as this will further enhance your artistic shots.
Fresher Flowers and Make Up: maybe no one else worries about these things, but it means everything to the bride. On a rainy day - your flowers will last longer, the hot sun sees your precious bouquets drying up within hours, sometimes even before your wedding starts. Even an overcast day sees your flowers remain fresher for longer. The same for your make-up - your face will be easier to maintain without sweat from overheating or the shine that can be evident in photos. In fact, your skin tone will be improved under the misty, ethereal glow of a rainy day.
So all is not doom and gloom if you turn out to have rainy day nuptials . The trick is to remain calm and positive and remember, if the Bride and Groom are relaxed and happy, then the guests will be relaxed and happy too. Providing you with the perfect ingredients for a splendid wedding , come rain , hail or shine.

Wedding Shoes

Just because they are the most gorgeous wedding shoes you`ve ever seen, maybe even the most expensive doesn`t make them the most suitable shoes to wear for up to twelve hours on your special day!
Before you decide to have those three-inch heel beauties , take some of these hints into consideration. Shop for your wedding shoes at night I kid you not! Our feet swell during the day and when it comes time to be dancing around the floor, the last thing you need is to be tripping over your BIG shoes. Your feet will be tired at the end of a working day and will force you to look for more comfortable shoes. Choose a shoe one half size bigger than normal. This will come somewhere in between your day size while still allowing room to expand on your wedding day and on the dance floor should they do so. Don`t forget to wear pantyhose while trying them on if you will be wearing them on the day. The higher the heel, the more stress you put on your lower back. Not to mention the stress to have you wishing the day was over so you can sit down and rest your aching feet. The higher the heel, the more your weight is thrown forward making your back muscles contract. Unless you will be sitting for a major part of the day or you don`t mind towering above your husband, do yourself a favour and opt for a one-inch heel. If you have a shorter length skirt on your gown, you may be hoping for a more sculpted look to your legs that high heels give. If you still think the pain is worth it, go for it! Break them in at least two weeks before the wedding and start wearing your shoes around the house. An hour at first, then slowly increase the time at three day intervals leading up to the day. Happy wedding shoes shopping!

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