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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Tenuta Centoporte: our featured Wedding Abroad in Italy Venue, this weekend!

Most couples looking for a venue for a luxury wedding abroad in Italy, wish for it to have a set of specific characteristics: a natural environment where they can enjoy of Italy's beautiful weather and sunshine surrounded by the typical elements of the Mediterranean garden: olive groves, orange and lemon trees and vineyards.

They probably want a tailored wedding reception, at which the scents and flavours of the traditional Italian cuisine are served by professional staff and every complimentary service (decor, flowers, music, illumination, photography, video, etc) is planned, organized, coordinated and looked after by well-qualified experts, who will pay careful attention to detail.

They most likely also want to compliment it all with modern and comfortable facilities, that ensure their stay and that of their guests will be unforgettable. If you feel identified, we have the perfect venue to suggest to you!

Tenuta Centorporte is a luxury hotel and resort only five minutes away from the famous seaside city of Otranto. Surrounded by splending Mediterranean vegetation, Tenuta Centoporte -that takes its name from the many windows present in the remains of the ancient Basilian Abbey of Monastero le Centoporte, from the V-VI century- offers a unique blending of luxury and relaxation.

Wedding receptions at Tenuta Centoporte take place at the exclusive Hotel's Restaurant, composed of two internal dining rooms and a large terrace, serving the most selected Salento Cuisine of land and sea dishes, that present the regional gastronomic traditions for the enjoyment of all senses, and are skillfully prepared by top professionals. The elegant and delicate decoration, creates a luxury and sophisticated atmosphere to enhance the celebration.

Tenuta Centoporte offers accommodation in a total of 37 different kind of rooms and suites, decorated with the elegance and sobriety of the high class Mediterranean mansions, all with private entrance and equipped with modern appliances.

Please visit their profile on our website, to enjoy dozens of pictures in their gallery and read more about Tenuta Centoporte. Our professional wedding planner Daniela Castellarin will be glad to personally answer any questions regarding the possibility of celebrating your wedding reception, at this amazing wedding venue in Italy!

Tenuta Centorporte Resort Hotel on Italy Italian Weddings

Friday, 30 May 2014

Guty and Simone: Best Live music for Weddings Abroad in Italy

Guty and Simone are two exceptionally talented guitar players and singers, with more than 15 years of experience bringing quality music entertainment to wedding events in Italy and abroad. Because of their professionalism and skills, they are well know all across Italy, but also in Ireland, England and even in the USA.

These English speaking musicians make all possible effort to really grasp the preferences of the wedding couple, by establishing an open and frequent communication with them via email before the wedding reception, in order to be able to offer a high quality live music show. Their flexibility makes it possible for them to include a wide range of styles and genres from the last 50 years of the history of music, making their show successful in entertaining guests of all ages.

At no extra cost you will be able to choose your favorite tunes from a long list of songs they'll email you. You may request them to learn and perform one extra song that is not included in that list, especially for your reception party. They will play a selection of dance music between the live performances, in order to keep the party going. You may also request a DJ set for the after lunch or after dinner.

The duo's performances are enhanced with a low consumption, very efficient LED lights system, and they may include a second PA mixer + wireless mic for backdrop music and speeches, again, at no extra charge.

At Italy Italian Weddings we always stress how important it is for a wedding reception to be enriched with a live music performance. Music keeps the party in full swing and helps you build amazing memories of one of the most important day of your lives!

For more information about having Guty and Simone perform live at your wedding abroad in Italy, please do not hesitate to contact our wedding planner, Daniela Castellarin. And don't forget to visit their profile on our wesite!

Guty and Simone on Italy Italian Weddings

Getting married in the Colosseum? YES, I DO!

As we announced in first news last weekend on our blog, coming soon, and thanks to a new resolution to be approved by the Roman Assembly, both Italians and foreigners will be able to get married in historical locations, ancient monuments, and other beautiful places of the Roman capital.

Some of the most sought for spots include the arena of the Colosseum, the parks of Villa Borghese, and even the Stadio Olimpico, home of Serie A clubs Lazio and Roma. But not only! Any location, be it public or private, indoors or outdoors, may host civil ceremonies providing they pay an annual permit.

What would be your venue of choice? Leave us a comment! We would like to hear from you!

Castello di Montignano: Our Featured Wedding Venue this Week!

Can you think of anything more romantic than saying "yes, I do" in the middle of a beautiful Mediterranean park, surrounded by ancient olive trees, and with a medieval castle as a backdrop? Is it your drem to get married in the heart of Italy, under a bright blue sky or under a starry night? Do you want to host a large reception for up to 250 guests or an intimate country chic Italian wedding? Then we have the perfect venue to suggest you!

Castello di Montignano is all of the above, and more. A Castle of Love located in the region of Umbria, the extension of land between the region of Lazio (for which Rome is the capital city), and Tuscany. In the nearby of the charming city of Todi, this exclusive wedding venue offers a blending of history and high-class modern design, combining medieval elements like stone walls, old arches and ground floors, with the most sophisticated contemporary design.

Some of the special features of this Relais include a splending swimming pool by the façade of the building, a first-class Spa offering a myriad of wellness services - including a steam bath and cool watefall, perfect to relax after the reception with champagne cocktails- and the Imperial Room, on the fourth floor.

Castello di Montignano is the ideal venue for a country chic ceremony, but also for a high-profile large event. Their highly professional staff takes care of all the details and they provide all necessary services to complement the reception: decor, flowers, live music and performance shows, DJ and even a baby-sitter service.

The Castle also has accommodation available for the couple and their guests, in 13 rooms with the best ammenities and comfort, and they organize all types of activities that range from guided mountain bike tours, to horse riding to wine and typical food tastings, in the nearby vineyards.

You only have to take a look at the pictures we have selected for you, to see how incredibly beautiful this venue is.

And don't forget to visit their profile on our website, to see many more photographs in their gallery!

Please do not hesitate to contact our professional wedding planner Daniela Castellarin, to get more information on this venue.

Castello di Montignano on Italy Italian Weddings - your website for your weddings abroad in Italy.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

NEWS: Castello Odescalchi Santa Marinella now hosts fully licensed Civil Weddings!!!

Great news for those who love Italy and are looking for the perfect wedding venue to celebrate their Civil Wedding: now Castello Odescalchi in Santa Marinella, offers the possibility of celebrating the civil wedding right at the castle!

Castello Odescalchi Santa Marinella is an extremely romantic location overlooking the sea. The compound includes fortified walls and medieval towers, the most notorious being a Norman watch tower from the 12th century that rises high above the splendid coastline, and it's surrounded by sumptous parks of umbrella pine trees. Santa Marinella is only 40 minutes north-west of Rome and 10 minutes away from Civitavecchia.

If you wish to live a fairytale wedding and impress every one of your guests with the choice of venue, this is definitely the right wedding venue in Italy, for you!

Please get in contact with our professional wedding planner Daniela Castellarin, to request her advice or ask for a quotation, or visit the castle's profile on our website where you will find lots of information, including the venue's capacity and accommodation, and our featured wedding packages!

Francese Photography: our featured wedding service provider this week!

There was a time, not that long ago, that professional photography equipment was only available for certain people. Those that aquired cameras and development gear that produced the best results, where usually professionals that worked in the photography industry, one way or another.

Nowadays, high resolution cameras are pretty much affordable and available to most. The internet is flooded with pictures of more or less decent quality. That, and some smart marketing strategies from the camera makers and the social networks PR teams,  have given people the illusion that anyone can be a photographer... It only takes to see the work of our featured wedding photographers today, to realise that there is nothing further from the truth.

Not only qualified professional photographers have in-depth knowdlege of the use of their -usually very sophisticated and expensive equipment, including not so affordable lenses-, they have formal education in the matter, and they have something that cannot be acquired, and does not come built-in your smartphone: artistic sensitivity. An innate ability to find the perfect angle, the right light, to decide when to press the button, so the most spontaneous and beautiful moments are captured, and in a way that even the slightest detail is there to enhance the final result.

Personally, the sisters Claudia and Antonella of Francese Photography, are among my favorite wedding photographers. They have an incomparable, stunning way to narrate a wedding event, that makes you feel like you are right there when you're browsing through their photos. No wonder their wedding story is the featured wedding album on our website. There are not enough compliments and not enough words to describle the perfect beauty of their work: clean, simple, soft, an amazing palette, a wonderful flow between images, a consistency that can only be accomplished through experience and a natural predisposition towards art, passion for one's work and tremendous skills. And it is also about their philosophy in particular, and they literally say: "You cannot talk about love, without believing in love. And you cannot believe in love, without sympathizing with those who are experiencing it...". And those are their weapons to discover the most inner beauty of the bride and groom and the ceremony in itself: they remain a discreet accomplice to their love.

Francese Photography has been rightfully awarded with the Wedding Industry Experts Award in 2012.

Please visit their profile on our website, and do not hesitate to request more information!

Francese Photography on Italy Italian Weddings.

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