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Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Tivoli Wedding Hall: Our featured Wedding Venue this weekend!

Only 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) away from the center of Rome, there is an ancient and beautiful town with a lot of history and amazing views of the Roman Countryside: Tivoli. The city was founded in Etruscan times, and was known as Tibur. Tivoli fell under papal control in the Middle Ages, and most of its monuments date from those times, like the Palace of Arengo, the Community Tower (Torre del Comune) and the Church of Saint Michael, all built in this period. Later in the Renaissance, several Popes erected constructions in Tivoli, like the massive Rocca Pia, built in 1461 by Pope Pius II. This trend continued in the 16th century, with the construction of several important villas, like Villa d'Este, today a World Heritage Site. In 1835, the famous Villa Gregoriana was constructed. Also famous are the waterfalls of Tivoli, and the gardens. All this beautiful monuments are the perfect setting to shoot the most romantic wedding pictures.*

Our wedding planner Daniela Castellarin, recommends the Wedding Hall of Tivoli, for a perfect civil wedding ceremony near Rome. Only half an hour away from the modern capital of Italy, Rome, this Wedding Hall is located in the Palazzo San Bernardino, a former monastery from the 15th century. Richly decorated with frescoes and paintings from the Renaissance times -including "La Pala d'Altare" by Sano di Pietro (1406-1481)-, there are also dozens of Roman statues, mosaics and antique furniture.

Please take a look at the pictures selection, and visit the Hall's profile on our website, to see more photographs of Tivoli (including a photo shoot at Villa d'Este!) and learn more about this venue! You are always welcome to contact Daniela Castellarin, to get more information.

Tivoli Wedding Hall on Italy Italian Weddings

*A special permit is required and must be requested in advance.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Giuseppe Laiolo Wedding Photography: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Giuseppe Laiolo has over 15 years of experience in the world of wedding photography. He studied in Milan and later on moved to Tuscany, where he has found the perfect landscapes and backdrops to frame his art. Ever since then, he has covered hundreds of weddings and other high profile events all over Italy.

Giuseppe's work captures the unique essence of both a wedding event, and the unmatched natural and historical beauty of Italy. Sunbeams gracefully caressing the bride and groom and enhancing the brightness of a gorgeous wedding dress. The rolling hills of Tuscany blending with a splendid sky in the horizon, to set the ideal scenario. A perfect balance of contrast and an explosion of colors, all that represents the true spirit of a wedding in Italy. And Giuseppe won't miss a thing. All the spontaneous gestures, the smiles, the exchanged glances of complicity, the happy tears, the emotions of the wedding couple and their close ones, everything will be secured to be relived for ever. If you hire the photography services of Giuseppe Laiolo for your destination wedding in Italy, you will not get an album with photos, you will get a story in pictures, narrated with the impeccable style of a professional, following its natural course and composed by main subjects and all those little details that hide from the attention of most.

And because when it comes to wedding photography, a single picture is worth a thousand words, we have handpicked examples of his work to share with you, and kindly invite you to review his profile on our website, and a full wedding story by Giuseppe Laiolo! Don't miss it out!

Giuseppe is available to work in Tuscany, Lazio and the whole of Italy. Do not hesitate to contact our prestigious wedding planner, Daniela Castellarin, to request more information.

Giuseppe Laiolo on Italy Italian Weddings

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Valentina Spuntarelli Hair Stylist: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Last week we mentioned how important make-up art (and the choice of make-up artist!) is, to a bride, to make sure she looks perfect on the big day. We are sure you're wondering, what about hair? Should you wear your hair up or down? What kind of accessories fir your dress? Is the hair color you wear now, fitting?

A bride's hair must look perfect through the entire ceremony, and must be done in a way that lasts all the after dinner party...with all that dancing! It must perfectly combine with the dress and jewerly, be the right match to the makeup, and look great in pictures and video! And of course the bride, and everyone else too, must love it.

And with all those requirements, you simply need your hair done by the best professional available. Our wedding planner Daniela Castellarin has carefully handpicked all the wedding service providers in her network, and her most trusted hair stylist is responsible for styling over a hundred brides every year. Her name is Valentina Spuntarelli, an amazingly talented hair professional who also provides her services for TV and film productions and has worked for RAI (Italian Television) and Mediaset, among other important mass media companies and broadcasters.

Out of her extensive experience, and because she knows well how difficult it is for a bride to decide how to do her hair, Valentina will suggest for you the most fitting bridal hairstyle. And to do so, she will carefully study your facial features, chat with you about your personal likes, and consider the type of venue and ceremony that will take place. She may also be booked for a trial run before the wedding day.

Valentina is available for weddings in Rome, all of Italy, and England.

Please visit her profile on our website, Valentina Spuntarelli on Italy Italian Weddings to see more pictures, or request more information to our wedding planner, Daniela Castellarin!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Relais Borgo Lanciano: Our featured wedding venue this weekend!

Out of the twenty regions of Italy, Le Marche (also known and the Marches in English) is probably one of the most unexplored by foreign visitors.
However, this central-eastern province with its hilly topography and long strip of coast on the Adriatic Sea, featuring narrow wild beaches of breathtaking beauty, is the perfect landscape for a destination wedding.

The most central province of Le Marche is Macerata, and that's where we are heading to, today, to introduce to you one of our top wedding venues: Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano, a luxury wellness complex situated atop the Sibillini Mountains, and the perfect setting for organizing overrefined events. Guests will revell in the sophistication and elegance of an architectural complex of many buildings offering spacious halls and exquisite decoration, and surrounded by picturesque gardens and parks, where fully licensed wedding ceremonies are celebrated.

At Borgo Lanciano the staff is very professional, friendly and highly trained, which ensures the maximum quality of all services offered: from the preparation and serving of a most refined fusion cuisine, music, photography, decoration and transport, to make sure all requirements for a perfect event, will be met and covered. At Borgo Lanciano they host exclusive wedding receptions for up to 300 guests, and provide high-class 4 stars accommodation, in their 50 luxury rooms.

All guests, including the wedding couple, are welcome to book time at the wellness center, the perfect place for a relaxing massage or beauty treatment, before and after the ceremony!

To get more information on this venue, our top wedding planner Daniela Castellarin kindly invites you to review their profile on our website, and enjoy the many pictures we have available for you! Do not hesitate to use the form or email, for further inquiries or to request a free estimate!

Relais Borgo Lanciano on Italy Italian Weddings


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Franco Roscia: Our featured wedding service provider, this week!

At Italy Italian Weddings, and as professional wedding planners in Italy, we can't stress enough the role and importance of music in a successful wedding event. Music can be the successful keynote, setting the right atmosphere or bringing everyone to the dance floor , as much as it can be the element of disaster.

That's why we continuously strive to add professional musicians and music services providers to our roster. There are only advantages from taking the recommendations of your trusted wedding planner:
we know the venue well, and most importantly, we have been in touch with you so that we have been able to understand your needs and preferences, and the atmosphere you wish for your wedding.

Today we are introducing to you one of our top recommendations, who was given twice the "Premio di Rappresentanza del Presidente della Reppublica", a prestigious distinction that awards excellence in different areas like music and culture.

His name is Franco Roscia, and he is a very experienced musician and professor of music, who plays the piano, electric keyboards and accordion. Along with a fine selection of talented vocalists that can sing both English and Italian songs, and through a most energetic performance, Maestro Roscia will make the perfect accompaniment to your wedding party. He can assess you in the choice of programme, and is able to cover a wide range of styles: pop classics from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and until today's modern hits, rock ballades, disco revival, Latin and Caribbean music, and for those who wish an extra touch of Italian to their party, they are the best at Pizzica Salentina and Liscio, two styles of Italian Folk Music involving the accordion, and that are a lot of fun for group dancing! Franco Roscia offers other musical entertainment services, like Karaoke, with a great variety of tunes available.

Franco Roscia is also available for serenades.

Please read more about Franco Roscia Musical Services on Italy Italian Weddings, and enjoy videos of his perfomances here or on their profile on our website!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Silvia Cardei Bridal Make -up Artist: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

When planning a destination wedding in Italy, our top wedding planner Daniela Castellarin always makes sure the bride will shine like a star. That's why, along with the choice of a perfect wedding dress, accessories and flower bouquet, she recommends getting the services of a makeup artist, since it is essencial in how beautiful a bride will look on her wedding day.

Daniela can arrange everything for you, from an accurate facial, manicure, pedicure and even a relaxing massage!

In order to bring out all the beauty of a bride through makeup art, one of Daniela's top choices is Silvia Cardei, a professional makeup artist whose motto is that "a cared for appearance, always reveals the essence inside", and who confesses to be really passionate about beauty, colored powders and brushes, and that her love for makeup is vocational. Silvia is a true expert, and has an exceptional eye for detail and exquisite taste when choosing palettes and textures. She is always well informed of trends and can make the right suggestions based on the bride's personal preferences, and also on important details such as the style of the gown, the personality and even the type of venue where the celebration will take place, or the theme chosen for the reception.

Silvia has worked in television and the film and fashion industries, but loves above all working with brides, because of the nature of a wedding celebration and how very important her work is in making a woman look gorgeous on one of the most important days of her life.

You can see our pictures selection, or visit Silvia's profile on our website.

Silvia Cardei Makeup Artist, on Italy Italian Weddings

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