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Monday, 24 March 2014

Tenuta San Liberato: Our featured Wedding Venue, today!

The Roman countryside is one of the top choices for destination weddings in Italy and there are many reasons why. One obviously, is the proximity of Rome, which makes it possible for your guests to arrive to Italy through the main two international airports, Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino, flying from any city in the world and even taking advantage of low cost fares from many European cities.

Being so close to Rome also allows you and your guests to enjoy of the ancient capital of Italy in your free time between the wedding events, or before or after the celebration.

But there is more! The Roman countryside is absolutely beautiful! A landscape that combines vineyards, olive groves, rolling hills and vestiges of the Roman Empire and Medieval times. Travelling only 20 miles northwest of Rome, there is also a volcanic lake area where we find Lake Bracciano, bordered by the towns of Bracciano, Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano (where civil weddings may take place) and surrounded by gorgeous parks and gardens. That's where the botanical park of  Tenuta San Liberato is located, designed in the 60's by famous British landscape architect Russel Page. Tenuta San Liberato features a collection of rare plants from all over the world, including the species Choysia ternate, also known as Mexican Orange,  and a unique and beautiful rose garden.

Tenuta San Liberato with its breathtaking views of Lake Bracciano, is also a venue for wedding and event celebrations. It offers a large and elegant marquee, perfect for banquets and seated dinners for up to 200 guests, catered by top caterers of the region. Welcome cocktails and aperitifs are usually served in the wonderful gardens.

The five hectares estate of this venue, owned by the Counts of Sanminiatelli, include a unique Romanesque Church built in the IX century of great historical and architectural value and  one of the few churches in all Lazio region, to have a raised altar: a beautiful church  for Catholic wedding ceremonies.

A very romantic and complete venue, you only need to see the selection of pictures to agree with us that Tenuta San Liberato a perfect venue to celebrate a wedding in Italy!

You may also wish to visit the profile on our website, or contact our top wedding planner Daniela Castellarin, to request more information


Tenuta San Liberato on Italy Italian Weddings

Monday, 17 March 2014

Villa Augusta: Our featured wedding venue in Italy, this weekend!

Our staff at Italy Italian Weddings is always striving to bring to you the most beautiful, exciting and romantic wedding venues for your destination wedding in Italy. And with that in mind, we could not leave Villa Augusta out of this featuring series. And there is a lot to tell about this gorgeous Villa located in the countryside near Rome.

Travelling South of Rome, along the famous and historical Appian Way (la via Appia), we find the towns of Albano Laziale and Ariccia. And right on the border with them we find this magnificent Villa built in the first decade of the 20th century, in the Art Nuveau Style.

In 1953 the Villa hosted a very special guest: it was chosen to be the home of actor Gregory Peck while filming the famous movie "Roman Holiday", costarring with Audrey Hepburn. The Villa was selected out of hundreds of possible choices, because of its particular location and outstanding beauty with panoramic views over Rome-

Now the Villa has been recently restored, to bring it back to its former splendour and glory; it features a unique terraced garden overlooking the "Tomb of the Horatii and Curiazi", an ancient Roman archeological site of immense historical value, and the Baroque church of Santa Maria della Stella, where Catholic ceremonies take place.

The unique style and beauty of the building, along with the 7,000 square meters of parks that surround it, the views of Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea you can admire from the terraces and balconies, make Villa Augusta the ideal venue to celebrate luxury destination weddings of all sorts: civil wedding ceremonies of legal validity, symbolic weddings and renewal of vows, Protestant and Jewish and other religious weddings, may all take place in the Villa's grounds. The Villa has another great feature and that is the wood fire pizza ovens, where the best catering services that cater events in Villa Augusta, can prepare all kinds of Italian pizzas, to impress your guests!

Take a peek at our pictures selection or visit the Villa's profile on our website, and make sure to contact our prestigious wedding planner Daniela Castellarin, to get more information! We welcome all your questions! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Villa Augusta on Italy Italian Weddings

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Alberto Tozzi Music Agency: Our featured wedding service provider this weekend!

If you are into details for your Italian Wedding, you may know well that the choice of music can be directly responsible for  wedding's  success .

It is important to get the music services for your wedding  from professionals with vast experience who are able to assist you for choosing the right music for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception and after dinner dancing.

Italy Italian Weddings handles music services for your wedding very seriously, and that is why we work only with the most experienced and reliable music providers. Amongst our favorites is the music agency  of Alberto Tozzi.
Alberto a wide list of music services to offer and can assist you to choose the music services you prefer and help you with the organization and customization of your celebration, considering the tehcnical requirements and the logistics of your chosen wedding venue

That's why we offer you his "Music Catalogue" directly on our website, for you to listen online and enjoy. You can access it by following this link.

We are including three of his videos for you to enjoy now, and you may also want to visit his profile on our website, where you'll also find a broader selection.

Alberto Tozzi also offers a wide range of entertainment services for you and your guests, like caricaturist, micro-magic, belly-dancing, etc... Please get in touch with our professional Italian Wedding Planner, Daniela Castellarin, to request more information!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Castle Vincigliata in Tuscany: Our special wedding venue in Italy featured today!

Italy is the land of "amore", and from North to South, it is synonym of romance. But at Italy Italian Weddings we believe there isn't a more romantic setting in Italy, than a medieval castle located right at the ever rolling emerald hills of Tuscany, overlooking Florence.

Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and undulated landscapes, upon the hills of Fiesole and only 10 minutes away from the center of Florence, we find Castello Vincigliata, and exceptionally romantic historical wedding venue, perfect to celebrate luxury fairy tale wedding receptions. 

The castle features chambers and halls, finely decorated with frescoes from the Florentine Renaissance period, more specifically from the 16th century and even an Armoury displaying antique arms. All rooms and halls may be used by the couple as they prefer.

Castle Vincigliata is also the ideal location for outdoor celebrations: the courtyard can host up to 120 guests at a unique sit-down dinner. The veranda -with its breathtaking views of Florence and the Florentine countryside- can accommodate up to 160 guests and there is also a Winter Garden with a capacity of 140 guests. The beautiful gardens which provide a perfect background welcome cocktails, and the paved terrace, perfect for wedding ceremonies  and after dinner dancing.

Please take a look at our selected pictures of the castle, and do not forget to visit their profile on our website, or contact Daniela Castellarin, our top wedding planner, for more information.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Fiorelli Organizzazioni: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Francesco Fiorelli, gourmet and sommelier at Fiorelli Organizzazioni, a catering and banqueting service provider based in Lake Bracciano area near Rome, is very proud when he tells us that they design and produce the catering for every event with the Italian  traditional in mind, yet always leaving space for innovation .

The rich gastronomic influence of the Roman countryside acts as a neverending source of inspiration, and Fiorelli Organizzazioni  makes sure to always use the freshest ingredients from small farmers, fishermen  and cheese producers  in the area, who will only supply quality vegetables, fruits, cereals, cheeses, fish and meats

For their table setting presentations, they often make use of beautiful floral arrangements and decór, and work with top professionals like Andrea Patrizi, a floral designer we had the pleasure of featuring last week, to ensure everything is presented in a spectacular way.

Please take a look at the picture selection below and do not forget to visit their profile on our website! You may also request more information from our top wedding planner in Italy, Daniela Castellarin.

Fiorelli Organizzazioni on Italy Italian Weddings

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Andrea Patrizi: Our featured wedding service provider this weekend!

Flowers have their own language, all emotions have a way to be described through them. They offer a whole range of features to capture all senses: color, texture, shape, scent. And that's why floral design is one of the most important components of a perfect wedding.

Floral arrangements and décor have to be carefully designed to harmonize with the ceremony, to represent the personality of the bride and groom and express the essence of their union.

That's why our top wedding planner, Daniela Castellarin, only relies on professionals for this very delicate task, and without doubts, one of her favorite flower and décor designers is Andrea Patrizi.

He and his staff are real artists, using flowers, greenery and other accessories (like candles in different shapes and colours, vases in glass, terracotta, cast iron and wrought iron, candle holders and  candelabras) to create the perfect atmosphere for every ceremony and reception, thoughtfully selecting the types of flowers with both the latest European trends and the couple's personal choices in mind, being attentive of those scents and colors that suit the wedding venue and type of ceremony the most, and delicately decorating churches, wedding ceremony areas of a private wedding venue,  wedding reception venues as castles, villas, hotels and manors.

Please take a look at the selection of pictures of his work we are publishing, and do not forget to visit his profile on our website to see more photos of his work, and get more information.

Andrea Patrizi Floral and Decór Designer on Italy Italian Weddings

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